Bu Pa, Mama!

Dear Jojo,

My attempts of killing + removing one giant cockroach from our bathroom wall were foiled due to my… “girly-ness.” After going through the effort of fastening my slipper to an extended handle and then taping some paper over my slipper (so I don’t get cockroach guts all over the sole) I missed and was too slow to whack the poor thing. It started to fly, shortly followed by me letting out some kind of girly sound – you know, the one we all make when roaches fly, and then landed by the side of our sink.

Then, in the 1/2 second that I tried to get ahold of myself (for a possible 2nd attempt) I heard you from where you stood watching right behind me the whole time, you called out “不怕Mama!”


Translation: Don’t be afraid Mama!

Baby Jojo, you are too funny!

Aye aye Cap’n!

According to the gramps, Shiao Jo was giving out orders at bath time today. “AAADADADADADAAAAY!” and “AAHYAYAYAAY” came out as they prepared everything for the bath. I can imagine her pointing her finger in the air as she gave out the commands:
Fill the tub!
Get my towel!
Test the water temperature!
PJs on the bed!
Rubber duckies!

When she wants to take you somewhere she not only points in that direction, but she’ll thrust her arm, pointer finger out – Go THERE. NOW. It’s hilarious! I can see her giving out directions with the same amount of conviction.