big little girl

Dear Jojo,
You love looking at photos of yourself – especially right after I take them! As soon as I finish snapping (or filming,) you race towards me saying “Baby Jojo, baby Jojo!” You even know how to say Cheese now! Normally, you’re not as crazy about having a “photo shoot” as I am. But today, you kept requesting I take more by saying “1,2,3 Cheese? 1,2,3 Cheese?”

I’m glad you’re having just as much fun as I am :-)

You posed with your HUGE stuffed dog – your 2 y.o. birthday gift from “Tata” and “Khaldi,” and your stuffed Piggy – also big, a gift from Law. “Joujou.” You named your doggy “Big Go,” kinda like Bingo. But actually “Big” is from English and “Go” is from the Chinese word meaning Dog. It kinda worked out!

That dog is bigger than you…

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