Bu Pa, Mama!

Dear Jojo,

My attempts of killing + removing one giant cockroach from our bathroom wall were foiled due to my… “girly-ness.” After going through the effort of fastening my slipper to an extended handle and then taping some paper over my slipper (so I don’t get cockroach guts all over the sole) I missed and was too slow to whack the poor thing. It started to fly, shortly followed by me letting out some kind of girly sound – you know, the one we all make when roaches fly, and then landed by the side of our sink.

Then, in the 1/2 second that I tried to get ahold of myself (for a possible 2nd attempt) I heard you from where you stood watching right behind me the whole time, you called out “不怕Mama!”


Translation: Don’t be afraid Mama!

Baby Jojo, you are too funny!