Dear baby

My Little Joujou,
You are so amazing. From the moment you entered the world you amazed me with the most magnificent cry I ever heard. For the next two days, all the doctors and nurses that came around commented on what a strong pair of lungs you had (in other words, you were LOUD!) There was even one nurse who remembered you from the nursery because of your powerful voice.
You opened your eyes immediately and then at four days you were able to lift up your head. I enjoyed many naps with you resting on my tummy. One of my favorite parts of the day is putting you to bed at night. When you laugh, the whole world is laughing with you :)
Now, you’re running around on your own, sometimes refusing to hold my hand! You sing and you dance. You’re favorite tv shows are Wonder Pets and Yo Gabba Gabba. You laugh whenever you see the DJ Lance Rock or Muno. Yes, I know all the names of the characters and the theme songs.
You love dogs and going up and down stairs. You love to sing “Mei mei mei mei” (a Chinese song) and “E i e i o” from “Old Mac Donald.” You love bringing me books to read, especially ones of Baby faces. You’re favorite book is Baby Talk, with the flaps, soon to be replaced by Alphabugs, the pop-up.
Today, you saw your photo on my computer and you pointed at it and said “Baby!” I love your chubby cheeks and when you grab my head to give me a hug. I love holding you, but you’re getting heavy now. You love it when I go “A-Jo a-Jo a-Jo” and go in to give you a kiss really fast. And I love it when you go “Ai Ai Ai!” to tell me to do it again.

Joujou, you are amazing and you make me smile every day :)