The Good ol’ Days

When Shiao Jo was born I was too stressed out to really enjoy being a new mommy. “Kids grow up so fast,” you only get to realize that when you actually have them. When they hit 3 months, they’re considered infants… they’re not even “babies” anymore! Whaaa…?

When I finally started to feel like I was getting the hang of things Jojo was already 6 months or so. I felt like I had missed her entire babyhood. When Jojo was born, I felt like those moms with 6 mo old babies had everything down. They knew what they were doing. Eh, maybe. When Jojo hit 6 months I was more ┬álike “I got this… right?”

My message to all those new moms, whether you planned your pregnancy or not: Stress not! It’ll come to you. ENJOY your baby. CHERISH the small details, those small moments. That first smile, first laugh, nap times together, first time gripping your finger – babyhood is a short, short period, it won’t last forever.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from when Shiao Jo was still a “baby.”



Aye aye Cap’n!

According to the gramps, Shiao Jo was giving out orders at bath time today. “AAADADADADADAAAAY!” and “AAHYAYAYAAY” came out as they prepared everything for the bath. I can imagine her pointing her finger in the air as she gave out the commands:
Fill the tub!
Get my towel!
Test the water temperature!
PJs on the bed!
Rubber duckies!

When she wants to take you somewhere she not only points in that direction, but she’ll thrust her arm, pointer finger out – Go THERE. NOW. It’s hilarious! I can see her giving out directions with the same amount of conviction.

Connecting the…



Last night Shiao Jo attempted to pour her milk into her juice. Never mind that they were in sippy cups with straws. Anti-spill valves in place? Who cares? She lined one straw up to the other and tilted one cup, observing the point of contact.

Repeat for 1 minute. :)