A couple days ago I finally whipped out a push toy we inherited from my cousin. Xiao Jo loves it and would holler every time she, literally ran with that thing (until she it the wall or something.)

It’s awesome at first but she runs with that thing so damn fast I pretty much keep my hands on her waist just in case. Grandma already wrapped some masking tape around the wheels (sticky side down) to add some resistance. Pfft, as if that worked. Try doing that for half a day. Cardio workout: Check.

I can’t wait ’til she’s old enough to get her one of these:

Plasma car / Rolling Coaster Car

I mean talk about being born in the wrong generation! One adult size please. If anything she can ride along size me in one of these:

Wheely bug by Prince Lionheard – Also awesome! I like the tiger one

Wheely Bug from Prince Lionheart


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